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How do I get rich from my trashes?

When we talk about waste, trash or garbage, we think of the things that we don’t value anymore and that we intend to throw away. There are domestic wastes, commercial wastes, and industrial wastes but we will focus on the wastes that we can sell or re-purpose to gain profit.

Food containers, product packaging, food waste, empty bottles or used cardboard are some of the most common “waste” that people want to get rid. But what if we can turn garbage into cash? Below are some ways to get you started.

  • ALUMINUM CANS- according to a report from the Aluminum Association, recycling aluminum cans nearly earns $1 billion in the US alone, and that is only 67% percent of it. It is one of the easiest items to recycle, and there is various recycling center that accepts aluminum.

On an average, the payout rate ranges from 70-80 cents per pound of aluminum. However, in some states, you can earn 10 cents per can. It is better to check the rules and regulations within your area about recycling payout rate if you are into collecting aluminum cans.

  • ELECTRONIC MATERIALS- this include computers, gadgets, smartphones, printers, refrigerator and other devices that use electricity. There are different ways on how you can earn money by recycling these materials. First, you can sell it back to the manufacturer or other firms who implement the program for re-using it.

You can also choose to buy from a manufacturer that gives credit to those who owned old or damaged units of their phones or have it inserted with a new SIM card. Laptops and computers can be sold through websites like Gazelle. They offer pre-paid envelopes, and all you have to do it is answer a few questions and ship the gadget for free.

  • CARDBOARD- you can sell your used cardboard in some online marketplace such as the Boxcycle. Users have to create a free listing and wait until someone in the area is in need of boxes.The site will credit the account with money once the buyer has picked up paid for the box for sale.

Just make sure that the cardboard you are selling is not stained by food, other chemicals or is not wet.

  • FLYERS, JUNK MAILS, RECEIPTS- most of us receive junk mails whether from our service providers, banks, lending firms, marketing and insurance companies. Fortunately, companies like The Small Business Knowledge Center will pay you for these junk mails.

Keep those tons of receipts because there are also businesses that buy it to be used for some market research. The app called Snap by Groupon allows users to take a snap of their shopping receipts in exchange for cash if they shop for their weekly offers.

Other Materials

If you just finished remodeling your house. Chances are you have to dispose of reclaimed woods and metal scraps. Sites such as and Antique Beams and Boards will pay you for those materials.

Just to give you a heads-up. The waste collection and recycling industry in Europe and the USA costs a multi-billion dollar! No wonder that even African entrepreneurs built a successful business in this industry and continued building wealth while preserving the environment. You too could be as wealthy as them so you might as well start collecting those waste and sell them.

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