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Hire a skip bin and share the costs with your neighbour

We accumulate waste during activities of daily living and it has been increasingly a worldwide problem as it causes pollution if not disposed properly. Not only that but it also causes death to some species and can cause health problems to human beings. Getting rid of waste can be a nightmare as it is often laborious and time consuming. Finding a way to dispose your waste can be very hard as there are regulations in different states and often the household bins are collected only once a week and have limited space and restrictions on what you can dispose. Most people have resorted to hiring skip bins but these skip bins are often a bit big and most cases the skip bin ends up being filled up by other people but this can be avoided by sharing the hire and costs with your neighbour.

Skip bins are easy to hire and affordable. Most companies (such as the one linked earlier) provide a website and some online advice to help you and your neighbour in selecting the right size and type of bin depending on the type of waste. It is already affordable but it will be more cost effective when sharing the costs. Skip bin companies also follow the state regulations and dispose waste according to the recommendations. They only charge one fee which covers all the costs involved such as dump site fees and transport fees. They also deliver the skip bin without you having to go there to collect, they are only a phone call away and the payment options are flexible in most companies which allows split billing and saves time as one can pay online.

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Sharing a skip bin with your neighbour will obviously reduce the amount that you need to pay for the bin. For example, if it costs 100 dollars to hire the skip bin you will only need to pay 50 or any amount less depending on the amount agreed and waste contribution. Most often people pay for what they don’t use as they do not have enough waste to fill the skip bin with hence at the end of the day it is left half full, sharing the skip bin will give you value for money.

Sharing a skip bin does not only come with the obvious perks but it is a way to strengthen your relationship and friendship with your neighbour. Nothing beats a strong united community. It gives you time to communicate and know your neighbour as you will have something common or of common interest.

Most people who hire skip bins often are faced with challenges such as people using their bins without permission and little or no space for the skip bins. These can be solved or reduced by sharing the skip bin with your neighbour. One might wonder in what sense does that help. Well, it is pretty much easy, if two people share the same thing it means more time to watch over it if the other person is not around. In terms of space for the skip bin it is placed where suitable and when people share it gives them more flexibility in terms of where to put it without having any worries about going over o your neighbours space or territory.

Considering hiring a skip bin with a friend or neighbour? There are a few things that need to be considered. I would advise both people to first be honest and specify the amount of waste that each needs to dispose and the time frame needed, this will help with calculating on who is paying how much. Furthermore, you need to discuss where it will be placed to avoid any conflicts nor altercations with them. Also, it doesn’t have to be someone right next door – as long as they are in the same neighbourhood. Perhaps advertise it own local classifieds like Gumtree.

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