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How to sort junk around the house to dispose of…

Pollution has become a major worldwide problem which has endangered some species and is detrimental to people’s health. As part of waste management to combat this it is important for one to know how to sort out their junk in the house before disposing. Sorting out junk generally depends on the type of waste generated but mostly in households the junk comes from food and packaging material. The first and most important step in sorting out the junk is knowing your waste that is the type and amount this will help with planning for your junk.

In Western Australia, residential general waste bins are collected once a week and recycle bins once a fortnight hence one should be careful of how they sort their junk. It is important to make out of your junk the most. To do this one should use the three R’s of waste management which is recycling waste, reducing the amount waste used and reusing as much as you can. These will reduce the amount of junk to deal with therefore making it easier to sort.

It takes a couple of years for things like can to decompose and glass a life time to decompose hence it is important to sort your junk according to type. Sorting according to type include selecting things that can be reused or can be passed on to other people to reduce your junk. Sorting your junk according to type will also help with knowing which bin to use when disposing.

One needs to adopt a habit of sorting the junk as it is accumulated. It is not easy to sort out a huge amount of It is good to place junk according to type as it occurs. For example, allocation, a certain place for different type of waste for example food scraps can be placed in a separate bin from plastic bags to avoid the general waste bin from filling up quickly and when recyclable things are put in the general waste bin it is impossible for it to be recycled hence it will only go to the landfill hence making it to fill in faster. Allocating bins according to different types of rooms for example bathroom, bedroom and kitchen will make it easy for the junk to be sorted as these types of places generate different types of wastes. If different types of bins put in place in your house it will help also the victors and small children to know where to put the junk and hence this will make sorting your junk easier.

When sorting out junk from clothes it is important to label each basket that is one for donating or giving other people, one for disposing and one for wearing. When sorting junk it is important to use correct containers that are suitable for the junk for example food scraps need to be placed where they won’t smell. To manage the junk one can also arrange it according to size and break it down into smaller storable parts especially furniture and specific appliances.

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